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As a bridge between cultures, KNP group is diversified to cover cultural and tourism related activities:
Chateau Sutherland: This 23.5 hectare vineyard is located in the Loire Valley in central France. It offers a range of top wines, distributed in France's most demanding places, including Michelin rated restaurants and Elysee Palace scores.

Chateau Gummo: this French wine trading company provides quality wines and distributes them in France and overseas.


Babreo Hotel: a four-star hotel and restaurant in the artist village of Barbizon in the south of Paris. This 200 year old hotel is where Robert Stevenson wrote treasure island. It aims to become the starting point of KNP tourism development in France and Western Europe.



Senna Castle: Senna castle is a place now dedicated to tourism and wine. As a history of more than 1000 years, it has been included in the French cultural heritage list since 1926. Through this sponsorship, KNP hopes to achieve two goals: first, to restore this important French heritage through visits and activities; and second, to use it as a starting point for revitalizing the surrounding territories. Since 2017, the castle has become sister to the famous Taierzhuang Chinese site in Shandong Province.

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