Pay attention to food mutual restraint

1. Shrimp + vitamin C = poisoning

2. Cold medicine + coke = poisoning

3. Egg avoid saccharin ┄ ┄ same food poisoning, death

4. Tofu avoid honey

5. Avoid pig blood with kelp

6. Avoid bananas with potatoes

7. No brown sugar for beef

8. Avoid eel with dog meat

9. Avoid snails with mutton

10. Avoid rabbit meat with celery

11. Tomato avoid mung bean

12. Avoid duck pear with goose

13. Avoid honey with onion

14. Black fish avoid eggplant

15. Turtle avoid amaranth poisoning

16. Avoid brown sugar with preserved eggs

17. Ginseng avoid radish

18. Avoid persimmon in liquor

19. Sweet potatoes and persimmons - you get stones

20. Radish and fungus - skin inflammation

21. Taro and banana - abdominal distension

22. Peanuts and cucumbers - kidney damage

23. Beef and chestnuts - cause vomiting

24. Crabs and persimmons - diarrhea

25. Carp and licorice - poisoning

26. Mutton should not eat watermelon

27. Geese avoid eggs

28. Avoid water chestnut in pork

29. Avoid mung bean in dog meat

30. Avoid Auricularia auricula in horse meat

31. Avoid ginger in beef

32. Mutton and dried vegetables should be avoided

33. Chicken should avoid mustard

34. Avoid yellow flowers in donkey meat

35. Avoid cabbage in rabbit meat

36. Sea crabs avoid jujube

37. Avoid Yali with mustard

38. Radish and fruit are harmful to thyroid gland

39. Turtle, eel and crab

40. Egg and anti-inflammatory tablets

41. Soybean milk is not suitable for eggs

42. Spinach bean curd is not suitable for its beautiful color

43. Carrot and white radish wash each other

44. Tomatoes and cucumbers can't be eaten together

Food not suitable for eating:

1. Sprouted and green potatoes are poisonous and cannot be eaten

2. Fresh day lily (day lily) is poisonous and cannot be eaten.

3. No fried beans, lentils toxic, can not eat.

4. The head of an old chicken (more than 5 years old) is poisonous and cannot be eaten.

5. Stir fried pig liver contains toxin and should not be eaten.

6. Preserved eggs and popcorn contain much lead, which is not suitable for children.

7. Burnt food can't be eaten. It's easy to get cancer after eating.

8. Rotten ginger is very toxic, can necrotic liver cells, must not eat.

9. Raw soybean oil contains benzene, which can damage the hematopoietic system and cannot be eaten.

10. Long boiled water contains nitrite, which is easy to eat.

11. Too hot food can not eat, easy to burn the digestive tract, causing cancer.

12. It can't be eaten through.

13. Pickled food contains carcinogens, not to eat more.

14. Roasted kebabs and fillets contain carcinogens and should not be eaten more.

15. Persimmon empty service easy stomach persimmon stone, do not eat.

16, food additives, artificial vegetarian, spices, flavors, preserved egg, instant noodles, luncheon meat and fried foods should not be eaten more.

Diet song:

Salt and vinegar are good at anti-virus and anti-inflammatory,

Chinese chives tonify the kidney and warm the knees and waist.

Radish dissolves phlegm and flatulence,

Celery can lower blood pressure.

Pepper to cool and dehumidify,

Spring onion and hot ginger soup for cold.

Garlic inhibits gastroenteritis,

Mung bean is the best way to relieve summer heat.

Pear is good at moistening lung and resolving phlegm,

Jianwei Bushen food jujube.

Tomato blood enriching and beautifying,

Eggs are nutritious.

Peanuts can lower cholesterol,

Melon bean detumescence and diuresis.

Fish and shrimp can replenish milk,

The liver of animals is good for eyesight.

To make the body fluid calm and count the plum trees,

Runfei Wufa eat walnut.

Honey moistens the lung and dissipates phlegm,

The grapes are very young.

Banana defecate and relieve stomach fire,

Apple anti diarrhea nutrition is high.

Kelp contains calcium and sulfur,

Mushrooms inhibit cancer cells.

Chinese cabbage diuretic and detoxifying element,

Cauliflower often eat cancer less!


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